V02-The ‘Verse‎

  1. Messaline: The crew of Serenity find a stray
  2. Shiny, Let’s Be Bad Guys: An introduction into a life of crime and being an honorable thief
  3. This is What I Do, Darlin’: The crew is hired to protect a village, but who’ll protect them from the villagers?
  4. Big Damn Heroines: Two young girls save the Bad Guys from Bad Guys when a heist goes wrong
  5. YoSaffBridge: Mal’s ex wife runs from an old acquaintance who will stop at nothing to get her
  6. Racetrack: Badger needs Mal to contact a quality Gent. Will Mal get the job without getting the point?
  7. Dear Professor: Carol sends a letter to her Mentor

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